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About the book

Author and Illustrator Sophie Fix and her three kids have been trying to catch elusive leprechauns for years. From the author:

They build fantastic colorful contraptions that please me to my core.  I love the excitement of the planning and the intricacy of the build.  And I love their steadfast belief that they might wake up to a wee little fellow and a golden ransom.  I don’t even know where this tradition came from.  Maybe the cousins?  All I know is that we love the hunt and the spoils (usually green candies and trinkets). And between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there’s a lull that only catching leprechauns can fill. 

Author Collaborator Sandy Boyle, who has three truly beautiful Irish kids of her own (not to mention a very Irish husband), has been there from the start.  From "the list of 30" to Catching Leprechauns, Sandy knows good rhymes and good times.  Were it not for her collaboration and support, Catching Leprechauns would never have made its way from an idea to a reality!  

*and speaking of crucial support, we are so grateful for the art direction, editing, layout and marketing support from Suzie Johannes of Design For Learning.  Catching Leprechauns would be a slow moving mess without her!